A Drop of Sun Under the Earth (2017, 8:44) is a short experimental film directed by Shikeith, about a shy Black boy whose experience of a compassionate encounter turns the emotional and sexual traumas lodged in his body into dreams about otherwise love. The film premiered in October 2017 at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City as a part of the Black Intimacy film series curated by Adeze Wilford and has since screened at film festivals that include Inside Out (Toronto), Rio Festival de GĂȘnero & Sexualidade (Brasil), & the British Film Institute's Flare (London).

Director, Writer, Cinematography, Post-Production
Paul Daniels II.
Daniel Cunningham
James Udom
Sana Sarr
Erron Crawford
Author of Adapted Material (Dialogue)
Danez Smith's "A poem in which one black man holds another"
Film Score